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Book Friends Challenge

Heeei! How you doin'? :) I'm doing grozav... Am terminat de citit Ultima noapte de dragoste, întâia noapte de război. A fost ok :). Nu a fost chiar aşa de plictisitoare... În orice caz, ia uitaţi ce am primit eu:

Rosia mi-a oferit această invitaţie şi sunt şubi dubi de încântată :D. Okay, iată care sunt cerinţele:

Day 1: Talk about your favorite boyfriend character.

Day 2: Talk about your favorite girl friend character.

Day 3: Talk about your favorite fantasy friend character.

Day 4: Talk about your favorite pet friend character.

Day 5: Talk about your favorite villain.

Sună tentant, nu-i aşa? Ei bine, treceţi pe-aici pentru mai multe detalii: http://romanceofpages.blogspot.ro/2013/07/un-book-blog-challenge-pe-blogul-meu.html .     

So, will you accept the challenge? :D
Ne mai citim! >:D<

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"Hysteria" by Megan Miranda - Review

Hello guys!

Hysteria is the first book in English I've read. I hope it's not the last one :). Well, it took me a few days to read it. It wasn't that hard, but I filled about twelve pages with unknown words. Anyway, let's get it started.

Book Summary (from Goodreads):

Mallory killed her boyfriend, Brian. She can't remember the details of that night but everyone knows it was self-defense, so she isn't charged. But Mallory still feels Brian's presence in her life. Is it all in her head? Or is it something more? 

In desperate need of a fresh start, Mallory is sent to Monroe, a fancy prep school where no one knows her... or anything about her past. But the feeling follows her, as do her secrets. 

Then, one of her new classmates, Jason, turns up dead. As suspicion falls on Mallory, she must find a way to remember the details of both deadly nights so she can prove her innocence - to herself and others. 

In another riveting tale of life and death, Megan Miranda's masterful storytelling brings readers along for a ride to the edge of sanity and back again.

My opinion:

Well, I'll say it straight: Hysteria is a good book, with an interesting premise and big potential but these three qualities simply started to vanish as I got closer to the ending. Initially, I was something like "Omg! This will be certainly one of the best books I've ever read!" I mean, Hysteria it's not that kind of book that you read from tip to toe because it's that awesome, you read it because you're simply too curious about what really happened that night (when Mallory killed Brian). And, I don't know, I kept waiting for the boom, for that point when you simply remain shocked about the truth, but it never showed up. 

Like I said above: this book had great potential and an attractive premise but that's all. I think discovering the truth about that night was the only thing that actually kept me on the edge of my seat. And as I got closer to the ending, I started to realize that the truth about that night is as lame as the reasons why Jason was killed. There are two crimes and none of them has that astonishingly thing, such as the killer, such as the motive. In both cases is about teen killers and trivial motives of killing, nothing too spectacular.

Though, my favourite character is Colleen, Mallory's best friend. She's funny, she's loyal to Mallory, she's brave and she's willing to risk her own life for her friend. My opinion about Mallory is neutral. I mean, she doesn't really have that main character air. Another character I'm glad Megan created is Reid, the most popular student and Mallory's future boyfriend. I kinda enjoyed them relationship and how it evolved. I think this part, the romance part, determined many readers to give this book a higher grade.

My Rating: 3,5/5 (Goodreads - 3)


That's when I learned that hate is a funny thing. It can manifest out of nothing in an instant. It can jump from here to here. - Mallory

I was scared of what else I might see. Like when I was seven and I'd wake up and still see the people from my dream, moving like a fragmented video. At the door. Blink. At the foot of my bed. Blink. At my side. Here and not here. - Mallory

Funny how you can be so tied up in another person and not even know it until she’s gone. - Mallory

Well, despite the black dots, I recommend you this book. I don't strongly recommend, but I think Hysteria it's not a waste of time. :)

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Author Interview & Giveaway "The Guardian of Bastet" by Jacqueline Battisti

Hello, my lovely ones! :) This is my third interview with an author. This time, Jacqueline Battisti, author of The Guardian of Bastet, gave me the honour to have her here, and for that I'm very thankful.

The Guardian of Bastet
Jacqueline Battisti

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Carina Press
Number of pages: 237
Virtual book tour organized by: Bewitching Book Tours 

Book Description: 

Cat-shifter Trinity Morrigan-Caine has discovered a demon is killing supernaturals. Magically challenged, she has every intention of letting handsome Alpha werewolf Gordon Barnes handle it. But after a dying vampire gifts Trinity a mystical amulet, she is drawn into the fray as the legendary Guardian of Bastet, a warrior born when the need arises.
Though Trinity initially rejects the role, she warms to the idea when Gordon agrees to train her - and their passion for each other grows as he teaches her to embrace her animal instincts.
As she begins to accept her destiny and believe in her growing powers, Trinity realizes the danger is even closer to home than she ever imagined - and she and Gordon are going to have to face the demon in a fight to the death...

~ Interview ~

1. Hello, Jacqueline! I am very happy to have you here. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I have loved writing stories since I was a teen. But it became more of a passion after I became an adult. 

2. If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor? 

Judi McCoy. I took her Aspiring Authors workshops during the RT Booklovers Conferences and she not only inspired me to keep writing and finish my book, but kept in touch outside the workshop for questions. She always gave you the truth, hard as it was and it made you better.

3. What inspired me to write The Guardian of Bastet?

My catalyst to becoming a writer came in a couple of waves. I remember reading “Undead and Unwed,” by MaryJanice Davidson on a car ride with my family, and laughing so hard I thought I might have to borrow a diaper from one of the kids. I loved her Queen Betsy. She was funny, snarky and real. I wanted to create a character like that. Then came the motivation. NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) where I put myself to the test of writing for an entire month, and found out I loved it.

From there, a writer was born, and so was my main character of The Guardian of Bastet, Trinity Morrigain-Caine. We developed together as I created her world and how she would interact in it. I gave her my voice and hoped, someday, someone else would want to read her story and laugh out load at her antics.

I wanted to write a story that would make the reader laugh, yell and root for the heroine and I think I’ve accomplished that with The Guardian of Bastet.

4. Which actress would you like to see playing the lead character from your book?

I would love to see either Lily Collins or Mila Kunis.

5. What is the hardest thing about writing?

The most challenging aspect of writing for me is finding time to write while raising two children ages 5 and 10. Their schedules are crazy with school, sports and scouts, so I try to squeeze writing into my free time. In the past year that has been difficult because of a personal illness and the loss of two family members to illness. It is also difficult to not go off on tangents. There is so much I want my character, and therefore the reader, to experience, that I have to remember the main arc and decide if one of my sub-plots fits into the story and moves it along or if I need to cut that particular scene. Cutting a scene is always hard for me. But my agent and editor keep me focused.

6. What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

I love writing a scene and then brainstorming ideas with my writers group in order to make it better with twists and turns for the reader. We all have a unique sense of the dramatic, and their input and questions help me become a better writer. They make me think more.

7. How do you think you’ve evolved creatively?

Every time I write, I learn more about the craft of writing. I check out blogs from authors and those in the business of writing for tips and tools to make myself better. I think I’ve evolved from being an aspiring author to a passable one. It may take me longer to become a great one. But someday, I hope to rival the greats like Steven King or Norah Roberts.

8. For your own reading, do you prefer ebooks or traditional paper/hard back books?

Actually, I read both. If I am traveling I definitely prefer ebooks. I tend to want to take four or five different books to read, depending on my mood, and carrying around traditional paperbacks get heavy. But, if I’m on the beach or by the pool with the kids, paperback are a safer bet. They can dry. I’m also one of those crazy people who buy both the traditional book for my bookshelf if it’s by one of my favorite authors as well as either an ebook or audio book. That way I can lend my favorites out to friends to get them hooked as well.

9. Do you think that the cover plays an important part in the buying process?

Honestly, I think the blurb from the back or quick synopsis catches my interest more than the cover art.

10. What hobbies do you enjoy when you are not writing?

I LOVE to read, watch Criminal Minds, Supernatural and Grimm, I’m a news junkie and I religiously download my news podcasts in the morning while getting the kids breakfast. That’s pretty much how I watch television, through Netflix or iTunes. My kids and the Disney Channel rule the television at home. I am also a Girl Scout leader, Cub Scout Pack committee member and chauffer to my children.

11. What advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t give up.

12. What are your favourites books of all time?

Wow. Of all time. So many…
"A Wrinkle in Time" by Madeleine L'Engle,
"The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe" by C.S. Lewis
"The Game of Thrones" Series by George R. R. Martin
Kate Daniels series that begins with "Magic Bites" by Ilona Andrews
The Queen Betsy that begins with "Undead and Unwed" by MaryJanice Davidson
The Hollows series that begins with "Dead Witch Walking" by Kim Harrison
Dresden Files that begins with "Storm Front" by Jim Butcher

13. Which famous person, living or dead would you like to meet and why?

Susan B. Anthony so I could thank her for all the rights I enjoy today.

14Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers and fans?
I would like to say, “Thank you!” for reading. I love hearing about their reactions on my Facebook Author Page. It’s little things like that that help keep me motivated to write when I run into a block.

Well, those are some great answers! :) 

~ About the Author ~

Jacqueline Battisti was raised in Little Falls, New York where she met and married her high school sweetheart. They have two children and live near Rochester, New York where she is a stay at home mom and writer of the paranormal and urban fantasy of her vivid imagination.

Her first novel, The Guardian of Bastet, was published by Carina Press August 20, 2012. She is currently working on a sequel as well as a dystopian paranormal.

Jacqueline began writing seriously in 2007 after attempting NaNoWriMo for the first time. It was the first time she had disciplined herself to finish a novel. From there, her supportive critique group was formed and attended, and then she attended RT Booklovers Convention in 2009. Jacqueline attended their aspiring authors workshops and met with many talented writers who inspired her to continue writing.


~ Giveaway ~

5 E-Copies of The Guardian of Bastet
5 printed and signed copies of The Guardian of Bastet
1 Gift Basket 
Basket Incl. Signed book, Rochester Coffee Mug, Wegmans Chocolate truffle coffee, Lindt Milk Chocolate and a pewter Bast Goddess Pendant.


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Nu e corect. Nu e deloc corect. De ce trebuie ca festivalul Rock the City să se ţină tocmai la Bucureşti?! De ce trebuie ca Rammstein să concerteze tocmai la Bucureşti?! Okay, e capitala României, I get that. Dar, dar, dar... Nu e corect -.- . Măcar de se ţinea într-un oraş mai apropriat de al meu, Iaşi, spre exemplu. Dar Bucureşti... E prea departe. Implică prea multe costuri. E evident că dacă aş fi un adult în toată firea, cu propriul salariu, nu aş mai fi stat pe gânduri nicio clipită.

Oh, şi ce "grozav" e să citeşti pe facebook "Abia aştept", iar lângă este ataşată o poză cu biletul la concert. Chiar era necesar să facă asta?! Idjits...

Dar în fine, până la urmă e facebook, nu? Fără facebook nu poţi face nimic. Nu poţi pleca la mare dacă nu anunţi pe facebook, nu poţi pleca la concert dacă nu postezi pe facebook, nu poţi mâna shaorma dacă nu postezi pe facebook...

Anyway, voi ce mai citiţi? Eu mai am puţin şi termin Protectorul de John Saul şi am ajuns pe la mijlocul cărţii Ultima noapte de dragoste, întâia noapte de război. Abia am trecut la parte cu războiul... 
Dea,  cu toate că mă gândeam că voi citi non-stop vara asta, nu e deloc aşa. Pf, credeam că voi face muulte chestii vara asta - ştiţi voi, listuţa aceea făcută la începutul vacanţei -,dar până acum nu am dus la îndeplinire aproape nimic. Nu fac altceva decât să stau în casă, să citesc, să pierd timpul citind bârfe despre vedete, să mai lucrez câte ceva la engleză şi să mă uit la serial. Gosh! nici vara trecută nu am fost atât de inactivă. Ieşeam, mă plimbam, făceam mişcare, dar acum, acum sunt ca un sac de carne :)) . Nu m-aş mira să am cu zece kilograme în plus.
În postarea "De făcut în vacanţă" am scris că voi alerga. Da, da, alerg... atunci când mă cheamă mama la masă. Am mai scris că voi ieşi cu actualii şi foştii colegi. Da, am ieşit cu ei, pe chat-ul de pe facebook. Cred că faza o voi şterge (imaginar) de pe listă. Majoritatea sunt plecaţi sau au ştiu-eu-ce-treabă.
Hi hi, am mai scris şi că vreau să învăţ un dans. Doamne, unde-mi era capul?

Mda, sper ca luna august să nu o irosesc la fel. Voi cum vă petreceţi ce a mai rămas din vacanţa asta grozavă? 

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Author Interview "The End of Athens" by Anthony Michael Karakai

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog interview with Anthony Karakai, author of The End of Athens! :) First of all, I would like to thank Anthony for being so kind. Although he's a busy person, he answered my questions.

The End of Athens
Anthony Karakai

Genre: Dystopian Thriller/Urban Fantasy
Number of pages: 320
Cover Artist: Anthony Karakai
Virtual book tour organized by: Bewitching Book Tours

Book Description:

In the year 2091, humans have lost the ability to dream. After decades of financial and social depression, dreams and aspirations have become a recessive gene - an impossibility of the modern mind. 

Greece is one of the worst social and economic disaster zones, and all hope of a better future has been lost. One young man, Nikos, discovers that he is not like everybody else - there is something different about him.

Believing that he may be going crazy, he soon discovers that he is the only person in Greece who has inherited the ability to dream. Time is running out as the government continues its tirade of corruption and suppression against the people, and Nikos must find a way to teach others how to dream so that once more society can free itself from the shackles of mental slavery.

~ Interview ~

1. Hello Anthony! I am very happy to have you here. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Hello Bianca, thank you for having me. I first realised I wanted to become a writer after I graduated from college. I had just travelled around Europe and wanted to write about the wonderful things I saw. I wrote ‘Vagabond’ more out of compulsion and necessity, than with a career as an actual writer in mind. I have always been a big reader and loved writing, and after I wrote ‘Vagabond’ I realised that this is something I really wanted to do for the rest of my life.

2. If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

Paulo Coelho. He is the master.

3. What inspired you to write The End of Athens?

Seeing people take a negative approach to dreams, and dismiss their intrinsic value in order to play it safe and avoid potential disappointment, is what made me want to write ‘The End of Athens.’ Although Greece is going through economic trouble at the moment, there is no intentional parallel between the Greece of today, and the Greece of 2091. I chose Greece because it’s one of the most important countries in history- it will always stand above any other nation and a true contributor to society. Greece, historically, was about more than riches and country acquisition- it was about laying down the foundation for a fruitful life. ‘The End of Athens’ is a tribute to this great country, a country which I believe has done more for the world than any other.

4. How did you come up with the title of your book?

Titles are difficult to come up with, depending on the type of book you are writing. I came up with this title as it represents shedding the old, negative school of thought, and going forth with the new. I find it ironic that so many people want to be dream killers, when dreams are the fundamental atom which has allowed society to prosper to where it is today. Kill dreams, kill imagination, and you are left with chaos.

5. Are any of the characters in your book based on actual people?

My characters are based on people I know or who I have come across. There is a part of me in Nikos.

6. What was the hardest part of writing your book?

I didn’t find writing it difficult, but the only minor stumbling block I had was getting the novel into the right hands. I think some people can read it expecting non-stop action, others expect a pure fantasy novel. In actuality it’s a thinking-persons novel, which contains elements of magical realism and if anything, is an inspirational read.

7. What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

Expressing to people that no matter what, life is short. There is no getting out of it alive. If you already know how the story ends, then what more do you have to lose? Live a life worth living. Live a life worth remembering, because none of us get out of it alive, so the most important thing should be to strive for happiness. Happiness stems from dreams.

8. What do you think most characterizes your writing?

Philosophy, magical realism and inspirational narratives.

9. Tell us about the cover and how it came about.

I designed the cover myself and wanted to give the reader an artistic glimpse into the symbolism, thoughts and mystery they can expect. It’s easy to get caught up in cover designs either before, during or after the novel in completed. Many writers would agree that there is an obsession over cover designs at times. You want to make it artistic and unique, but then for some genres if you become too artistic it becomes so unique that it’s unrecognisable. There’s a fine balance between artistry and commonality.

10. Which actor would you like to see playing the lead character from your book?

Johnny Depp or Christian Bale. Not for star appeal, but because their method of acting I believe would suit Nikos’ state of mind throughout the book.

11. What hobbies do you enjoy when you are not writing?

Reading, travelling and playing chess.

12. What are your favourites books of all time?

‘The Alchemist,’ by Paulo Coelho, and ‘The Beach,’ by Alex Garland.

13. Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

Keep going. There’s ups and downs, and the downs can be pretty bad, but keep pushing forward and have confidence in your work. There’s a lot of people with talent in the world, but the ones who break out are those who are persistent, consistent and resistant to negative events.

14. Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers and fans?

I enjoy keeping in touch with my readers, so please follow me on Facebook or connect with me on Twitter. Say hello and we can chat about the different elements in my books, or anything else you feel like!

I simply love your answers! :) I'm pretty sure that if a hopeless and dreamless person would have a little chat with you or would read "The End of Athens" she or he would become a really trust-and-follow-your-dreams person :D.

~ About the Author ~

Anthony Michael Karakai was born in Melbourne, Australia, and is a dual citizen of Hungary. Holding an International Business degree, he is also a qualified percussionist and music producer, having studied music extensively since the age of seven. Working in journalism, his work has been published in various magazines and websites. With an insatiable appetite for travel and an eagerness to explore off the beaten path, Karakai travels at every opportunity- his travels and ongoing commitment to exploring the world are what inspires him to write.

Twitter: @AnthonyKarakai
Website: http://www.anthonykarakai.com
Goodreads: Anthony Karakai

Have a great day everyone! ^^