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Excerpt, Giveaway & Guest Post "The Curse of Malenfer Manor" by Iain McChesney

Hello lovely friends! \^o^/ How are feelin' today? I keep singing Crocodile Rock. This song is awesomeeeee \m/. However, the aim of this post is to present you guys a great book. I'm talking about The Curse of Malenfer Manor by Iain McChesney. The author has also written a great guest post. I'm sure you'll love it. And finally, you can enter the giveaway below.

The Curse of Malenfer Manor
Book One
Iain McChesney

Genre: historical mystery / paranormal 
Publisher: Wayzgoose Press 
Date of Publication: October 1 
Cover Artist: DJ Rogers
Virtual book tour organized by: Bewitching Book Tours

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Book Description:

Those in line to the Malenfer estate are succumbing to terrible ends - is a supernatural legacy at work, or something entirely more human?

Young Irish mercenary Dermot Ward retreats to Paris at the close of World War I where he drinks to forget his experiences, especially the death of his comrade, Arthur Malenfer. But Arthur has not forgotten Dermot. Dead but not departed, Arthur has unfinished business and needs the help of the living.

Upon his arrival at Malenfer Manor, Dermot finds himself embroiled in a mystery of murder, succession, and ambition. Dermot falls in love with the youngest Malenfer, the beautiful fey Simonne, but in his way are Simonne’s mismatched fiancé, her own connections to the spirit world, Dermot’s guilt over the circumstances of Arthur’s death... and the curse.

~ Excerpt ~

~ Guest post - On Gothic ~

~ About the Author ~

Iain is a writer of gothic mysteries.
He was born and raised in Scotland. He studied History and Geography at the University of Glasgow.

The World Wars left Iain’s family with generations of widows. As a result, Iain has always been interested in the tangible effects of history on family dynamics and in the power of narrative to awaken those long dead. For the characters in The Curse of Malenfer Manor, he drew on childhood reminiscences and verbal family history—though he hastens to add that his family had barely a penny, far less a
manor, and any ghosts dwell only in memory.

He lives in Vancouver, Canada, with his wife and two children.

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