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Excerpt, Giveaway & Guest Post "Echoes of Paradise" by Deanna Kahler

Howdy lovely buddies! Missed you so much *sigh in tears*, but now I'm back in business and I'm absolutely thrilled to share with you another great book. I'm so happy I was able to post this, cause Echoes of Paradise seems to be a must-read and it would've been really sad not to let you know about it. Okay then, take a look at the description, excerpt - wohooo! -, guest post - another wohooo! - and at the giveaway. So, good luck everyone and very happy reading!

Echoes of Paradise
The Afterlife Series
Book 1
Deanna Kahler

Genre: Paranormal Romance / Visionary Fiction 
Publisher: Rose Petal Publications 
Date of Publication: Originally Released 1/1/2014
Number of pages: 228
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Book Description:

Connor’s dead. But she can still feel him. Is it just her imagination or something more? Celeste wants to know. And she’ll stop at nothing to find out.

A once-aspiring artist, Celeste is going through the motions of life. She’s stuck – in a job she doesn’t love, with a man who isn’t right for her, in a web of painful memories from the past. Adding to her despair is the sudden and unexpected death of Connor, her true love. As she struggles to make sense of the world around her, strange coincidences and mysterious events lead her to question her sanity. When the happenings persist, she wonders if Connor’s spirit is trying to tell her something. Her jealous husband Dave insists it’s all just her imagination. But when Celeste’s young son has an experience of his own, she is determined to uncover the truth.

Join Celeste as she risks her marriage, her career, and her own safety to escape the demons from her past and unravel the mysteries of life and death. With so much unertainty, there’s only one thing Celeste knows: her world will never be the same.

                                                                       ~ Excerpt ~

Celeste began sobbing uncontrollably. She struggled to see the road ahead of her through tear-filled eyes. The landscape became a fuzzy blur of moonlight and shadowy trees. The world around her spun into an unrecognizable mix of darkness streaked with occasional rays of dim light. As she drove blindly ahead, she felt as if she were plunging into nothingness. And she didn’t even care.
She would have continued in her oblivious state, but somehow, out of nowhere, she heard a very clear and distinct male voice pop into her head. She thought that surely she must have imagined it, because it sounded like Connor.
Pay attention.
Suddenly a deer darted out in front of her, its startled eyes aglow from the blazing gold headlights. Blood pulsed through her veins as she abruptly swerved her car to the right, narrowly missing the animal. With her heart still pounding, she took a deep breath and tried to regain her composure.
“That was close,” she said aloud to herself. “Stay focused, Celeste. Keep it together.”
Although she was alone in her car, she noticed a distinct presence. It felt like Connor was somehow with her. First the voice, and now this? Surely she must be losing her mind! Even so, she had an irresistible urge to talk to him. Maybe it was silly or useless, but she couldn’t fight this desire brimming inside of her. She didn’t just want communication with her deceased former love; she needed it—even if it was one-sided. She began to have a conversation as if he were right there with her.
“I’m so sorry,” she sobbed. “I’m sorry I didn’t stay in touch with you and try to be a part of your life in some way. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you or able to help you. I’m sorry for the night I left you. I’m sorry I didn’t let you get closer to me or tell you that I love you. I’m just so sorry.”
Tears streamed down Celeste’s face like the rain on a shiny glass window, and she gasped for air. What she wanted most right now was to know that Connor still existed somehow, somewhere. She wanted proof that his spirit lived on. She wanted to know that he was alive and well in heaven. Although she had been raised Christian, her faith had faded as she’d grown older. Life’s circumstances, unanswered prayers, and the cynical, materialistic world around her had left Celeste with doubts and questions. She now wondered if God and the afterlife even existed at all. She wanted to believe. She just didn’t know how.
Right after she spoke to Connor, a song came on the radio. The words caught her attention, and she stopped crying long enough to listen. It was a tune by Nickelback titled “Someday.”
For a brief moment, Celeste noticed a tingling sensation run down her spine. She felt like Connor was speaking directly to her through this song. It felt as if he were trying to respond to her. Were the words to this song meant for her? Did he somehow hear her cries? Was he trying to tell her he was going to help her in some way?
“No,” thought Celeste. “You’re being ridiculous. This is all just a coincidence. Connor can’t hear you or help you—he’s dead.”
Somehow, even though her rational, logical mind told her this, her heart told her otherwise. Maybe Connor really was alive in the afterlife. Maybe he really could hear her. She needed to know the truth. She wanted answers. 

~ Guest Post Why Visionary Fiction? ~

By Deanna Kahler

A mysterious woman came to me in a dream once and delivered a profound message. She said: “Your life’s purpose is just what you choose to do, but your soul’s purpose is for eternity.” During that same time period, I had been experiencing a series of synchronicities and bizarre happenings. I even received signs that appeared to be coming from those who passed. This is what led me to write my first visionary fiction novel, Echoes of Paradise — a story about the afterlife and the power of love.
The truth is I had never thought of writing a visionary fiction book, and until recently, I didn’t even understand what visionary fiction is. For those who don’t know, visionary fiction uses a fictional story to share important messages and universal truths. There is often a spiritual component to it, and many books of this genre incorporate paranormal, metaphysical or supernatural elements.
So why would someone choose to write visionary fiction? In my case, it wasn’t really a choice; it was more of a calling. I had some amazing, miraculous experiences that caused me to re-evaluate my life view. My whole perspective on life unexpectedly shifted and suddenly everything became clearer. Much of the information I received for my book seemed to come from a source outside of myself. You can call it God, Divine Inspiration, the Universe or simply help from guardian angels or spirit guides. However you choose to label it, one fact remains: I was guided to write this book. I can’t speak for everyone, but I think this is how most VF authors feel.
When you write a visionary fiction book, it isn’t just for pure entertainment. It serves a purpose: to share what you’ve learned and help inspire others on their own spiritual journey. And because the story is fiction, the messages are presented in a non-preachy, non-judgmental way, so that you can take or leave whatever you want. The most amazing part of visionary fiction is that the messages are universal and fundamental. It doesn’t matter what race, religion, upbringing or social status you come from. Everyone can relate.
We’re all in this together, and we can learn much from each other. Some of what we learn can even change a life. That is why we write visionary fiction.

                      ~ About the Author ~

Deanna Kahler is an accomplished writer and proud mom. Her work has been published in numerous corporate newsletters and magazines across the country. She began writing as a young child and enjoys the opportunity to reach others and make a difference in their lives.

Echoes of Paradise is her second book. The story is close to her heart because it was inspired by some of her own experiences. Deanna is now working on a follow-up novel, Visions of Mortality, scheduled for release in 2015. The book will feature some of the same characters and also have a paranormal/afterlife theme.

Deanna holds a bachelor’s degree in communication arts from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, where she graduated with departmental honors. She lives with her husband and daughter in a Metro Detroit suburb and enjoys writing, dancing, walking, and visiting parks in her spare time.

For more information, please visit

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