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”Catch Me When I Fall” (”Dreamcatcher”, #1) by Vicki Leigh - Review

Title: Catch Me When I Fall
Author: Vicki Leigh
Publishing Year: 2014
Edition: E-book (provided by NetGalley)

Today Catch Me When I Fall comes out and with this special occasion I've decided to, finally, post my review.
I've been so excited and curious about this book that it took me only a glimpse to request a copy on NetGalley. I'm so grateful they gave me this opportunity. I wish Vicki all the best in her journey as a writer and, also, in her journey as a demon hunter.

The first thing I enjoy about this book is the cover. I find it very expressive, especially now that I know how things work. In the center are Daniel and Kayla, those creepy claws trying to catch them are the evil forces - the Nightmares - and the setting is the psychiatric ward, where Kayla is held because of her so-called mental problems.

Besides the cover, I like the storyline, which is pretty original, and, if you read some of my previous reviews, you'll see I'm quite a critic when it comes to this matter. Of course, I haven't read all the books in the world, so I don't know for sure if the main idea of Catch Me When I Fall is entirely unique, but I can tell that none of the books I've read so far are about Dreamcatchers - immortal people who are meant to protect humans while sleeping from Nightmares (which are palpable, hideous, frightening and capable of true harm creatures). Daniel Graham is a Dreamcatcher too, more precisely, a Protector of the Night, and he is one of the best. That's why he's given a more challenging and dangerous assignment: to watch over Kayla Bartlett. And here comes the falling-in-love-really-quickly-part. Don't get me wrong, I think this couple is really cute, and the way Daniel (who is the narrator) speaks about her is absolutely charming, but I wish Vicki had made it more realistic and less chimeric and even obsessive at some point. I really don't get why authors choose to create such fantastical relationships and, hence, remove the evolution I (and many other readers) crave for.

Apart from the romance side, I must say, I'm really pleased with the connections that are outlined ongoingly. The more pages you read, the more surprising things come in sight, things (related to both Daniel's and Kayla's past, but not only) which bind together and give birth to something great. Also, I admire Vicki for narrating through a male voice. Daniel is indeed a likeable character. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about Kayla. She's nice too and she had my compassion most of the time, but she seemed a bit too whiny and powerless for my taste. From this point of view, I hope I'll see a progress in the next book.

Ultimately, I find it terrific that Catch Me When I Fall has a few obvious influences from Supernatural (TV show I adore; actually, my favourite). The first I remember are the demons, the sulfur smell and the use of latin which, just so you know, fit perfectly in the novel. These influences made me happy and created, strictly in my opinion as a Supernatural fan, a friendly atmosphere.

To conclude, I believe Vicki Leigh has a bright writing future in front of her. The first book in the Dreamcatcher series is not perfect (less romance would've been ideal), as far as I'm concerned, but is gripping, catchy, entertaining and has that authentic thing I look for in novels.

My Rating: 4/5

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