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"Tiago", Catia Skye

Hello, hello, lovely bloggers and readers! This post was supposed to be on my blog a long time ago. Sadly, uni life didn't give me even a short break so I can post a few things about a sweet book, written by a new passenger on the "writer ship" 😊, and I'm talking about Catia Skye. So, take a look:

Katia Skye

Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
Pages: 259 (Kindle Edition)
Where you can find it: Amazon
Two shattered hearts. One unstoppable love.
New York 
Kez, sixteen, dumped by her boyfriend of six months, shocked by revelations about her father, falls into an abyss of panic and anxiety. On doctor's orders, she is sent on a vacation as a last resort before her mother considers putting her on medication. 
Lisbon, Portugal 
Tiago, seventeen, has lost more than most lose in a lifetime, believes implicitly in the inevitable Portuguese Tragedy, has left the thug-life, has left school, is just trying to survive each new day. 
Neither of them is looking for love...

Cátia Skye is a New-York-born, Portuguese-American gal who now resides in the romantic heart of Lisbon, Portugal. She is the single mother of one rambunctious little boy, and pens romance novels between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. each night when her boy finally falls asleep.

You can also find a short Q&A and an excerpt right here.

I personally believe Tiago should make a great summerish read, one that I'm looking forward to discover. I hope I managed to catch your attention and convince you that this book deserves a chance. 

Relaxing days and beautiful books, my friends!

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  1. Bună!
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    1. Mulțumesc din suflet pentru leapșa, Anster! Am prins-o, un pic mai târziu, dar am prins-o :D.


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