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Hello lovely daydreamer,
Thank you for stopping by.
I'm Bianca - but you can call me Bia, Bib, Bi, B or, simpler, "friend" -, a Romanian Law student who loves reading, watching movies and TV series, learning new things, spending time in nature and reflecting, listening to good music, eating tons of watermelon and "dreaming of moonbeams and fairy dust, shiny stars and the wonder of the heavens, a happier life and a better world" (James Gormley).

My blog is a combination of Romanian and English posts that are focused on bookish topics.
If you have a question, recommendation or suggestion, or you are an author and you wish to request a review or a giveaway hosting feel free to contact me at biancaioana.hanganu@yahoo.com .

You can also find me on:

Some posts on this blog may contain materials (images, videos, books informations etc.) taken from sharing and social networking websites, therefore, I don't own them and I don't claim so. If you see a material on here that belongs to you, just let me know so I can give you credit or remove it. 

Also, the reviews are written by me personally, because it's a pleasure for me to share my thoughts on books (I'm not paid for them). The books I review are purchased, won or received from an author or publisher in exchange for a honest review.

Many thanks for reading this and my blog. You're an awesome person and I wish you all the best!

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