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Tag - The Liebster Award

Hi guys! >:D< How are you? I've just arrived home. I've spent my whole weekend with my sister, who is in another city, in college. I'm so ashamed I'm posting this so late. Satarupa Biswas was so nice and nominated me more than a week ago, and I'm posting only now.
Thank you very much, Satarupa, for nominating me and for giving me the chance to grow my little blog. The Liebster award is such an awesome way to get in contact with book lovers all over the world and to show everyone the great job you're doing with your blog.


1. Include the link of my post to your post.
2. Answer the ten questions.
3. Post ten of your questions for your nominated blogs to answer.
4. Nominate ten blogs having less than 500 followers.
5. Post the link of your nomination post on their blog.

Now that everything's clear, let's get to work.

Q & A:

1. A book character whose life you would love to live?
Hm, Clary Fray's life. Although I've read only the first volume of  The Mortal Instruments, her life seems so exciting, full of adventures... and hot guys. Her character, personality is not that awesome but her life is. 

2. How many books do you read in a week? Novel/Novella/Novelette, which one you love to read?
It depends. During school I have very little time for books. But I'm doing my best :). It doesn't matter it's a novel or novella or novelette, as long as I have time, I read anything.

3. What qualities make you judge a character?
I'm that kind of person who criticizes and judes people pretty often, sometimes too much. I pay a lot of attention to details and little things. When it comes to characters I'm as harsh. Okay, I think I've already scarred you. I'm not that severe, I just like to read about well outlined, original and surprising (in one way or another) characters. Fortunately, every book I've read so far had at least one character which was worth watching.

4. What do you look for in a book while deciding whether to read it or not? Do you judge a book just by its cover?
First, yes, I do judge a book by it's cover but I also read it's description and some reviews (with no spoilers). Thing is I usually buy a specific book, I mean I know exactly what I want or need to buy. However I don't judge a book only by it's cover. Like I said above, I tend to take into account these three things - the cover, description and a few reviews. I study each aspect and then I make a decision.

5. Which genres do you like the most and why?
Well, I kinda like all genres. But I admit I'm particularly keen on fantasy because you simply can't dislike this genre, it's like a rule of nature to like it, horror because it's the only genre which truly keeps me on the edge of my seat, thriller because it combines so many emotions and action which make this a very interesting and complex genre.

6. Do you give a chance to self-published books or just like to stick with well-known authors?
I think everyone must be given a chance. Actually, right now I'm reading a self-published book and I'm more than pleased. So, why not? A self-published book is still a book.

7. How did you develop your knack for reading? Any incident you would like to share?
This love for books didn't came suddenly, it came with time. I simply found refuge in books. When I read I feel like I'm accomplishing my destiny.

8. Do the physical feel and smell of the book makes you read it or are you comfortable with e-books as well?
I prefer physical books. The feeling you have when you can actually feel the book is absolutely amazing. But I got used to reading e-books, too.  

9. If you’re given a chance of assisting an author, who would it be and why?
Hm, good question. John Grisham. He's my role model. He was a lawyer and now is a legal thriller writer. His writing is powerful and his characters are so similar and yet so different. I would be absolutely honored to assist him, to see how the magic is taking place.

10. If you are given a choice between getting for free either books or your favourite dress (in case of girls)/ favourite food (in case of boys) [same money is involved for both the options] then what would you choose?
Give me the books! ^^
Thank you for the great questions Satarupa! \^o^/

My Nominations:

My questions:

1. What is the first book you remember reading?
2. What is your favourite place to read and why?
3. What book do you wish you had written?
4. What are the books you couldn't finish reading and why?
5. What is your funniest memory related to books?
6. Is there any book your friends are in love with and you don't like it? If yes, which one and why?
7. What is your favorite villain character?
8. What is the saddest book you've ever read?
9. What genre of books you don't like reading and why?
10. What is the author you strongly recommend?

Kisses and hugs

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