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"Never Forgotten" ("Never Forgotten", #1) by Kelly Risser - Review

Title: Never Forgotten
Author: Kelly Risser
Publishing Year: 2014
Edition: Kindle

A short time ago I felt the urge to read a book in English, so I opened my pc kindle and I saw I have more than one hundred titles ready to be devoured. Problem is, many of these titles are the first book in a series, and, because I don't like to start something and not finish it, I hesitated for a while. Finally, I chose Never Forgotten by Kelly Risser, thanks to its cover. After reading the book, I can say it is really illustrative. Though I had no big expectations, I knew that somehow this book was going to be different.

Never Forgotten is narrated in the first person through Meara (gorgeous name, by the way), an average 17 years old (nearly 18) teenage girl, living with her mother in Wisconsin, USA. At this point I started to imagine a lot of scenarios in which a new guy and, possible, with some kind of supernatural mojo enters in Meara's life and she suddenly falls in love with him, and so on. You know, same old and full of cliché story. But I was wrong. Karen (Meara's mom) receives some bad news: the cancer, she thought she had beaten years ago, is back with fresh forces. I am really pleased that the author had chosen to bring in this subject because it helps a lot with Meara's characterization and, of course, the mother-daughter relation characterization. Knowing that her chances of survival are minimal, Karen decides to move back to her parent's in Peggy's Cove, Canada. For Meara, both pieces of news are horrible, considering her mom was the only person in her life and considering her past, her memories, her best friend (Kim) were all in Wisconsin. But she accepts.

I realized that Never Forgotten truly is something different from what I have read so far when the two women arrived in Peggy's Cove, a small, quiet place, located near the Ocean. Meeting with the grandparents she has never seen before is a special moment for the protagonist, but, soon, they will become really good friends. She also gets acquainted with Evan (there has to be always some romance, too) and Katie, Lydia's children, and Lydia is a good, childhood friend of Karen. I didn't really enjoy how quickly Meara and Evan got together, neither Meara's reaction when she first saw him: Wow. Hot. I patted my ponytail nervously and again regretted not taking a few more minutes to get ready. How perfunctory sounds that? Oh, and later comes this line: Opening the door, I found Katie and Evan. What was I wearing? Oh yeah, jean shorts and a tank top. Did I put on makeup this morning? Yep. Relax. Really, girl?! I am pretty disappointed Kelly wrote these words. I may be a bit too harsh, but my kind of heroine would have never said that. Anyway, skipping this fact, I must admit, the relations, initially forced, start to evolve smooth and pleasant, and this is available for Meara-Evan too.

From the first night spent in her new bedroom, Meara dreams about a strange man, a few years elder than she, speaking to her, near the Ocean. Soon, she finds out the identity of this interesting and mysterious apparition - none other than her father, David, who has been absent her whole life. But with these dreams, more secrets start to arise and put a lot of pressure on Meara. She, actually, becomes really rasping, being sick of all this hugger-mugger, and I totally understand her. But I think the author didn't really succeeded in explaining the secrecy. Everyone loves a bit of enigma, but, at some point, there have to be explanations, reasons, strong ones, and Kelly, unfortunately, didn't entirely satisfied my demand (let me just say the "You're not ready to find out yet." became really annoying).

Overall, Never Forgotten is an easy and enjoyable book I don't regret reading. As I mentioned above, I had a few problems with Meara and the too-much-hiding thing, but Kelly Risser introduced me in a beautiful world and to a topic I have not read about before. I look forward to reading the next book.

My Rating: 4/5

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