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"Current Impressions" ("Never Forgotten", #2) by Kelly Risser - Review

Title: Current Impressions
Author: Kelly Risser
Publishing Year: 2014
Edition: Kindle (provided by YA Bound Book Tours as part of the Always Remembered blog tour)

It has been a while since I read the first book in the Never Forgotten series and I thought reading the second one will be quite a challenge, considering the fact there is some information to grasp. Although, my worries were pointless, as it turned out, and this due to the author's ability to slowly and naturally integrate the main ideas of the first volume.

Current Impressions surprised me for many reasons. First of all, it is incredibly and breathtakingly fast-paced, compared to Never Forgotten. There is so much action going on with Meara's training (which enables the protagonist to discover her unique powers), her emotional evolution towards Kieran (character that shows up in the first novel too), Evan's arrival and behavioural change and so on. This many-sided plot gave me a sense of satisfaction and made the process of reading happen so quickly that I was surprised when I reached the last page. Plus, the writing is as beautiful as in the first book, and the shifting of the narrative perspective also awarded the story with great dynamism and excitement.

Secondly, I need to mention the love triangle. As I wrote in some of my previous posts, I am not particularly keen on love triangles, but if it is well-outlined, then I will give it a try. I am glad I did so with the one in Current Impressions. The love triangle between Evan, Meara and Kieran is the first love triangle that put me in the position where I don't know on which side to be. On the one hand, I would like to see Meara and Evan together, as they became a couple in the first book and I honestly enjoy their relationship. On the other hand, the idea of Meara ending up with Kieran also draws me in forasmuch as Kieran understands her true nature better. This confusing situation gets even worse when Evan finds out what he truly is. It is no surprise Meara is so disorientated and incapable of making a decision. Though, I must say, she is lucky with these two boys. Both of them are mature enough not to start fighting or put useless pressure on her.

However, when it comes to the main character - Meara - I would have liked to see more responsability and understanding. Indeed, she has evolved since her departure from Canada, but, until a point, it seems she doesn't realise at all the danger wandering around her. What annoyed me is the fact that she wants her father too look at her as if she were an adult and, contrary to that, she craves for spending time with him (who is busy with his leader business) and acts, on many occasions, like a stubborn and foolish child. Still, I believe these flaws are part of her further development and I cannot wait to see it. In her behalf, I would say she is very caring, persevering and strong, knowing she no longer has her mother and her life has taken a 180 degrees turn. What is more, those flaws I indicated make her more human and approachable and make me more curious about the next book.

One problem I wish I hadn't with Kelly Risser's work is the one consisting of some replies which are overused in YA literature. Current Impressions has a few, but I wish it had none because the dialogue is, generally, really good and absorbing. Therefore, it saddened me that the dialogue was "stained" with those rare yet unpleasant clichés.

Overall, Current Impressions is an almost perfect sequel that kept me on the edge of my seat. It introduced me to new, interesting, powerful and diverse characters engaged in a suspense-filled intrigue.

My Rating: 4,5/5 (Goodreads - 5)

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